Baby Girl Oneies

Summer is just around the corner and guess what…. It’s baby and wedding season!

Cakepop Rose

Rose toppers, rose cakes, and now… Rose cakepops! Love.

Rose Cake

     I’ve been eying this cake for a while now… Ever since I first saw it on I am baker’s site. Gorgeous.

Project Cookie: Princess Birthday

Princess birthday bash anyone?? If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ve probably heard me refer to a little girl named Ari. Anyways, it was her 5th birthday party this past weekend and her party was absolutely insane – so much food (made from scratch!), a giant pink castle cake, non-stop entertainment for the…

Pink Ombre Cupcakes

Happy Belated Birthday Blog, have a pink ombre cupcake =] Definition of ombre: adjective shaded or graduated in tone. Can you kind of see the pink tone change from dark to light?