DIY High Tea

      High tea at the grandparents place.


Pastries, sandwiches, quiche, and scones.


Was delicious.

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Cranberry Orange Scones

What can you do with a giant bag of dried cranberries? Make scones, obviously! (or at least you’ll want to after you read this?)

Cranberry scones have been on my to-bake list for a while now. With our newly acquired ginormous bag of Craisins, just figured that there wasn’t an excuse not to make them. Starbucks actually carries a really good lemon cranberry scone that is topped with a lemon infused icing. Tasty, moist, and even better heated up.

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A few weeks ago, Chris and I had a hot-pot dinner with a few of his friends and Amy K. was grilling me for the longest time about the stuff I usually bake! haha j/k! Anyways, cheese scones somehow came up so after that dinner, I was planning to make them sometime in the near future since I still had a giant 5lb bag of shredded Cheddar/ Monterey Jack cheese in my refrigerator. Yah.. I know that’s a lot of cheese, but you can’t expect any less from Costco… they only sell the supersized variety of everything.

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