2013 Wrap-up

In my eyes, this year has gone by so fast but has been such a journey at the same time (mostly school-related mind you). I feel that I would have liked to have done more projects this year, but I guess that’s something that you can look forward to in the upcoming year! Here is…

DIY High Tea

      High tea at the grandparents place. Pastries, sandwiches, quiche, and scones. Was delicious.

Matcha Green Tea Macarons

Love green tea. These are green tea macarons with green tea white chocolate ganache filling. Sounds decadent eh?

Lemon Macarons

This was my first attempt at making macs in a really long time…  was probably due to the utter fear that they just wouldn’t turn out. But they turned out totally fine, so I’m happy. More lemons you ask?? Yes! I’ve been trying to use up our lemons, since I bought about 8 of them. Plus…


The best way I can describe a macaron would be something similar to an oreo, but more decadent. A filling of choice sandwiched between two meringue based cookies, characterized by a smooth shell top + frilly bottom edge (aka feet or foot), yielding a cookie that is crisp on the outside, but soft/chewy on the…