Flower Cookies

Continuing from last week’s post of Ari’s birthday cookies… Because what tea party doesn’t have flowers?

Teapot Cookies

Colorful teapot cookies… For a sweet little girl’s birthday… Happy Birthday Ariana.

Baby Girl Oneies

Summer is just around the corner and guess what…. It’s baby and wedding season!

Scrabble Cookies

Scrabble cookies… The perfect fun cookie gift… Equipped with secret messages…

Custom Real Estate House Cookies

Looking for a place in Vancouver?  Well friends, I have a realtor friend who might be able to help! The cookie speaks for itself, literally!

DIY Cookie Cutter

You know when you have those cookie ideas that you want to do but don’t have a suitable cutter? Then you go out on a hunt to find the perfect cutter, just for that particular project? Well fear not, I have a solution! Why not just make your own cutter?