Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas filled with lots of joy and cheer.

20131225-082315.jpgThough another year has come and gone, it has been a journey filled with memories, baking, and blogging – thank you to all that have and continue to share this journey with me. This blog has grown into a place of great joy for me and it wouldn’t be possible without the support from all of you.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of year again….

Holy geez… Have not touched this thing in like a month! sheesh. Been a little busy, but its a little better now that the midterm marathon is over. Looking ahead by like a month – it’s already mid-november and christmas break is just around the corner! Woot woot, that’s exciting.

Love christmas and everything else that goes along with it. Decorations, trees, snow, lights – gorgeous…  And, can’t forget about all the delectable treats… gingerbread, sugar, shortbread cookies…. yumm. I decided that it was that time of year again to whip out the molasses. Or, mol-ass-es… as my coworker used to say.

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