Rocky Road Bars

Chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallows. The perfect gift to satisfy any sweet-tooth.

Beer Bread

Bread with a hint of beer flavor. Win.

No-bake Cookies

  Got 5 minutes? Why not whip up these tasty and nutritious bars?

Easiest Bread Ever – No Kneading Required!

This is the easiest bread I’ve ever made. I spent 5 minutes prepping the batter the night before, then baked it the next evening. The most tedious part of this recipe is the waiting, but that’s better than kneading dough in my opinion.

Microwave Lava Cake

Yupp, you heard me. Love the convenience of using a microwave to heat food, but I’ve never really thought of using it as a method to cook raw food (let alone bake). There are actually a lot of interesting microwave recipes out there. This recipe caught my eye because, well… 5 minute chocolate lava cake?…