Nautical Sailboat Cookies

IMG_6808 copy

too cute …

IMG_6797 copy

loving the nautical.

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Why hello, long time no see

Hello again, how are you all doing? I apologize for the long abandonment from this blog. Long story short, I got a bit swamped and lazy.. then it just kind of spiralled from there. Plus I started using Instagram in the fall which added to the “lazy” factor of not blog posting. Once I got my new phone, it was so much easier to just post pictures straight from the phone.

But, with that being said, I was actually still using this blog ‘privately’ to keep track of recipes / food that I was making. Since I’m in practicum right now and have a bit more free time, I thought it would be fitting to post some of the recipes that I’ve made since the summer. Most of the pictures that I will be using are already on Instagram. If you want to see only pictures, check out my Instagram at: ja_wong.

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Canuck Cookies

Sooo… there was quite a bit of left over icing from the previous batches of cookies and throwing it all out wasn’t really an option. There was only one thing to do… make more cookies to decorate! As per other blogs, some have stored extra royal icing for months, whereas some have mentioned weeks… guess there’s no definite storage time for extra royal icing? These cookies were made less than a wk after wedding cookies, so the icing wasn’t super old yet.

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Baby Cookies

Today is friday, April 29th… besides the crazy hype about the royal wedding that took place today (which seemed like a crazy fantasy wedding), it was also my first official school-free day.. yup. Had my last exam yesterday… whats up summerrr? =] Spent today relaxing and tending to things that I’ve neglected for the past month… like cleaning and getting a haircut. Also managed to squeeze in a small batch of sugar cookies for a special baby boy whom I’ll hopefully be meeting tomorrow.

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