Surprise Puck Cake

     It was recently C’s birthday… the big 3-0! To celebrate this milestone, I threw him a surprise party with some of his friends! And what’s a surprise party without a surprise cake?

UBC Dentistry Cookies

Two of my friends recently graduated from UBC Dentistry. Couldn’t be more happy and excited for them!

Why hello, long time no see

Hello again, how are you all doing? I apologize for the long abandonment from this blog. Long story short, I got a bit swamped and lazy.. then it just kind of spiralled from there. Plus I started using Instagram in the fall which added to the “lazy” factor of not blog posting. Once I got…

Canuck Cookies

Sooo… there was quite a bit of left over icing from the previous batches of cookies and throwing it all out wasn’t really an option. There was only one thing to do… make more cookies to decorate! As per other blogs, some have stored extra royal icing for months, whereas some have mentioned weeks… guess…

Baby Cookies

Today is friday, April 29th… besides the crazy hype about the royal wedding that took place today (which seemed like a crazy fantasy wedding), it was also my first official school-free day.. yup. Had my last exam yesterday… whats up summerrr? =] Spent today relaxing and tending to things that I’ve neglected for the past…