Smoked Salmon Pizza

   Made this pizza about a year ago. Its a perfect summer appetizer – super fresh and not too heavy.

Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa… love this stuff. Quinoa sushi? Mind blowing. So good… seriously delicious. Why didn’t I think of this like a year ago?

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny

I remember I made this around my birthday. My friends had just taken me out for brunch and I ordered salmon eggs benny… then for some reason, the very next day, I felt like making it. It was overkill – too much of a good thing for one weekend. For some strange reason, I also…

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our family usually doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving. Not sure why, but we just never did anything big in the past. So last thanksgiving, C and I decided to make dinner for the fams. We had a full menu planned… Minus dessert unfortunately …