Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

Chocolate & Coffee.

IMG_4802 copy

A classic combo.

IMG_4818 copy

So much yum.

Remember those lavender cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream? I had a small amount of buttercream leftover, probably about half a cup, that I had put in the fridge for future use. I’m not sure how long you’re allowed to keep leftover buttercream in the fridge, but it probably lasts for a while…  I mean, its basically only butter, sugar, and flavouring.

IMG_4799 copy

To convert the vanilla buttercream to espresso flavoured: I brought the small amount of buttercream to room temperature, added about half a tsp of instant decaf espresso powder mixed with a few drops of water, then blended it all back up into a glorious fluffy espresso flavoured buttercream.

IMG_4786 copy

Need I say that it was delicious paired with a moist chocolate cupcake. I personally really liked the proportion of icing to cake with these cupcakes – not too much, but just enough to have some icing in every bite. Serious perfection.

IMG_4778 copy

I’m bringing these over to Angie’s two-week celebration of the Fiesta Friday Anniversary event – hoping the guests will enjoy these cupcakes as much as I have!


21 thoughts on “Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

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  2. The dessert table is always my favorite part of a party, and I am so glad you brought these! They look absolutely delectable. Coffee and chocolate are 2 of my favorite flavors.


  3. These are just wonderful! You are quite right about the buttercream keeping for a while – it is only butter and sugar after all – not that I’ve tried it mind!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us at Fiesta Friday – have a good week!


  4. Mmmm…chocolate and espresso are such a natural pair…love them together! The cupcakes are beautiful and I’m sure they are absolutely delicious. :) So happy to have you arrive at the Fiesta Friday celebration with these in hand…thank you!


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