Beer Can Chicken

Hello all! My sincerest apologies for the blogging break during the past few weeks. I recently just wrote my board exams and the few weeks leading up to the exam marathon were not too fun, to say the least. Though they’re all over now, it hasn’t completely sunk in yet because the results won’t be available for another six weeks or so. Oh well, celebrate in between I guess! Before the study break, C and I tried a recipe for roasted beer can chicken – we wanted a change from our usual roasted chicken with stuffing.

IMG_3378 copy

It was the strangest concept – who would have thought to put a half-full beer can into a whole chicken and bake it? I’ve seen this done before on barbeques, but I just never thought of trying it in the oven. That’s where Google came in – apparently Guy Fieri had this all figured out years ago! Check his recipe out here.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Last minute Friday food adventure – it was 5:30pm, last Friday and we couldn’t decide what to do for dinner. Weather was too gross to go out, no food in the fridge, and we had ordered take out the previous week… what to do… Somehow ended up finding this recipe in the nick of time but it was good because there wasn’t much to it. Super easy – threw the ingredients into the crock pot, let it do its thing for 3 hrs and dinner was ready.

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Spring Chick Cookies

K, I know I’ve been saying I need to study (lol yesterday’s post)… BUT I’ve been staring at these cutters for about a month now (they’ve been just sitting on my table… waiting to be used) and have been trying to brainstorm ideas on how I could use them. Plus, these cutters are awesome because they come in a set of 7 and are a 2-in-1 style, where one side is a plain round, and the other side is fluted round. Not sure when my parents got them from though Apparently these cutters are from the store ‘Ross’ in the states… just came home one day and they were there on my table.

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