Baked Whole Wheat Vegetable Samosas

So remember how I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while? I kind of take that back… I shall try my best. The last five posts were written about a month ago, so I actually haven’t written anything for a while now. Plus, I currentlyĀ  don’t have my brother’s SLR with me, so please forgive my not-so-pretty photos that I took with bad lighting/ a phone camera.

Update on what’s been happening in my life: I’m at the tail end of my practicum… about one month left, then out into the real world! It’s a mixed bag of feelings – excitement, terror, nervousness, and anything else you can think of. All in all, I’m glad I can finally say that I can now see the finish-line and feel ready to be done.

2013-10-04 17.00.44

With that being said, onto the recipe details. I’ve been away from home for just over a month now (hence the different lighting/ upcoming photos) and have been trying out different recipes. One recipe that I’ve always wanted to try to make was samosas. I never thought to try making these at home for my family because I wasn’t sure how my family would like them.

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Rosemary Fries

Hi, its me again. Yes…. I’m back for now, probably not long though. School just started last week, so just been trying to get back into the swing of things. A lot has happened in the last week and a bit… started a new program, C’s bday, met some new friends, and the list goes on. Sorry, don’t mean to be a bore, so on to the food talk!

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Rainy Day Casserole

This whole day has been a constant down pour of rain… and not just sprinkle rain, like heavy shower rain… such a downer… no wonder why they call it April showers. So glad I won’t have to truck out to school everyday soon.. last day of school for us is this Thursday, but exams officially start on Monday… boo. I also find it weird how my brothers just went back to school today, after their 2 weeks of spring break, and then 4 days after, my school ends… o well… SO glad they are back to school though… sick of seeing Mike come down the stairs at 3:30 in the afternoon and head to the kitchen to eat his breakfast… very unmotivating to know he pretty much slept over 12 hrs every night and did NOTHING during the day.

Anyhow, figured I’d squeeze in a post today, as I begin to study for upcoming exams. I decided to make a veggie casserole as a side for our dinner because we have a variety of vegetables lying around the house/ fridge, plus it’s very quick, easy and flexible.. as in you could add whatever you want into it! I believe this recipe is originally a Campbell’s recipe, however, I got lazy today and didn’t want to search it up, so I ended up just throwing in whatever vegetables I found in the fridge…. lol I love convenience..

Looks a lot like a spinach Quiche here…

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