Asian Quinoa Salad

The latest and greatest summer salad. Already made it twice in the past week – It’s that good.

Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa… love this stuff. Quinoa sushi? Mind blowing. So good… seriously delicious. Why didn’t I think of this like a year ago?

An attempt at Jap Chae

Jap Chae is a popular Korean fried-noodle dish. From the times we have tried this dish at restaurants, it is usually fried with beef an various vegetables. Did I mention it’s super delicious?

Edamame Salad

A splash of bright colors… perfect for Spring. Edamame aka soybeans are delicious eaten alone or paired with other ingredients. So yummy and refreshing… I can eat buckets, no joke. Recently bought a bag of frozen edamame a couple of days ago and about 3/4 of it is already gone… must buy more…


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