Custom Real Estate House Cookies

Looking for a place in Vancouver?  Well friends, I have a realtor friend who might be able to help! The cookie speaks for itself, literally!

Beef Wellington

Have you seen that show airing on CTV right now called Masterchef Junior? If you haven’t, you must go watch because those kids are just unbelievably good… not to mention young! The show is hosted by Gordon Ramsay and one of his signature dishes is Beef Wellington. Basically consists with a piece of premium beef,…

Baked Whole Wheat Vegetable Samosas

So remember how I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while? I kind of take that back… I shall try my best. The last five posts were written about a month ago, so I actually haven’t written anything for a while now. Plus, I currently  don’t have my brother’s SLR with me, so please…

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

     I love cinnamon raisin bread. Its delicious warmed up, but even better when used to make french toast.

Blueberry Coffee Cake

    Fresh blueberries scream summer. Blueberry coffee cake – one of my all-time favorite desserts.

Smoked Salmon Pizza

   Made this pizza about a year ago. Its a perfect summer appetizer – super fresh and not too heavy.

Beer Bread

Bread with a hint of beer flavor. Win.