Green Tea Cupcakes

Love green tea desserts.

IMG_4055 copy

And currently loving cupcakes

IMG_4060 copy

Put them together and you have a match made in heaven.

There is this new-ish Japanese bakery in Vancouver that I am dying to try. It’s called Basho and they have all things green tea. Sounds amazing, right? Definitely my kind of bakery…. now I just have to get someone to go with me =D

Haven’t made many desserts with green tea… come to think of it, I think I’ve only made green tea ice cream (check it out here) and green tea macarons (check them out here). Rest assured, matcha white chocolate shortbread cookies are at the top of my green tea dessert list. Seriously think I’ve found my absolute favorite cupcake flavor – fluffy green tea frosting for the win.

IMG_4050 copy

 Do you have a favorite green tea dessert?

Hope everyone at Angie’s party likes green tea as much as I do – check out the full party here!

PS – Wishing everyone an early Happy Mothers Day =)


27 thoughts on “Green Tea Cupcakes

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  2. Do you use regular green tea that we brew for a drink? Is matcha some different form of green tea. Sorry, I’m ignorant on this subject, but would love to learn :)


    • Yeup, it’s matcha green tea powder that can be used for drinks but is unsweetened. No worries, I actually don’t know too much about green tea myself. I believe matcha is just a Japanese version of a concentrated powdered green tea.


  3. Hi Janine – I am co-hosting Angie’s FF15 with the lovely Jhuls and have finally made it through the crowd to say hello, welcome and thank you for bringing these gorgeous cupcakes – the photos are stunning! We have a local sushi place that serves the most gorgeous matcha ice-cream and I also love matcha fro-yos…the shortbread sounds amazing!! Thanks for joining in – I do hope you get the chance to check out the other entries – enjoy the party!!


  4. Glad you brought these pretty and delicious looking cupcakes. Honestly, I have not tried green tea cupcakes at all, so this is a good start. I should think about making them some other time. But for now, I would like to enjoy these lovely treats of yours!

    Thank you for coming to the party and hope you’re having a good time! Have a wonderful weekend, Janine! See you next time. ;) <3


  5. Hi Janine! These cupcakes are so pretty! The green tea frosting is so fluffy and perfectly piped. I’ve never made anything with green tea before but am looking forward to trying it out!


  6. Yum! I actually just had green tea pancakes this past was delicious! I want to make green tea desserts, but for some reason I can’t find matcha green tea powder at the Asian grocery store. I might have to go to another store to find it. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Dropping by. What did you use for your frosting? I tried making matcha cake earlier, and my mom was telling me to use buttercream instead of cream cheese. I’m running out of ideas! :)


    • Hi, I’ve tried both a cream cheese frosting as well as a buttercream. Though I prefer the taste of cream cheese frosting over buttercream, buttercream is much less finicky and seems to always turn out properly. Hope this helps =)


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