Baby Girl Oneies

Summer is just around the corner and guess what….

IMG_7790 copy

It’s baby and wedding season!

Last week, I had the opportunity to make a mixed batch of cookies for a baby shower that a colleague was attending. I don’t know about you, but as we start approaching summer, there seems to be an endless string of both weddings and baby showers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super fun because I love the themed cookies!

IMG_7795 copy

For this project, I made three different designs for the baby shower cookies. The first I’m going to share is this adorable onesie cookie. I’ve made onesie cookies what feels like ages ago – you can check them out here if you’d like. Looking on Pinterest, there are a ton of cute designs out there for onesies and some can get pretty intricate once you start adding details. I personally don’t like to over-complicate cookie designs and much rather prefer to keep things simple.

In terms of the construction for this cookie, I first flooded the whole cookie with pink royal icing and while the icing was still wet, I added white dots of icing, which ended up ‘melting’ into the wet icing. After it was completely dry, I piped the outline details with a slightly stiffer pink icing (#2) and the heart (#1).

Stay tuned for the other two baby shower designs!


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