Vegan Banana Carob Chip bread

I love the combination of banana and chocolate. They just go so well together – like peanut butter and jelly.

2013-10-23 19.21.03

Anyhow, I had some ripe bananas but no chocolate. I did however have a bag of carob chips!… I’ve recently discovered carob chips and have been using them in place of chocolate chips in all of my baking recipes. They have a different taste than chocolate, but are a vegan alternative and supposedly have more health benefits!

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Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I’m not sure if its the fact that I’m at school all day and I actually just get hungry, or maybe I always just feel like eating at school because I’m bored of class? No idea… I just know I always feel like munching on something. I’ve been bringing Quaker brand granola bars to school lately, but after eating them, I always feel the need to down a cup of water to wash them down because they are soo sweet and packed with sugar. Anyways, I wanted to find an alternative school snack that would satisfy my hungerrr and not be too overly sweet.

Found the solution: peanut butter granola bars.

These bars are really great. Fast, easy, & delicious. Plus they cut nicely into small squares/ rectangles (for easy transportation), have a slightly chewy texture w/ crunchy almond chunks AND they aren’t as sweet as the commercial brand bars (nor do they have all that extra additive/preservative stuff!).

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Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Cookies

I’ve had this giant bag of Craisins that the parents bought from Costco a while back. Salad and scones were the main things I was using them for, but other than that, I hadn’t looked into what else I could make with them. Conveniently, there was a recipe plastered on the back of the bag for “Cranberry Oatmeal Snack Cookies”.

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