Rose Cake

     I’ve been eying this cake for a while now…


Ever since I first saw it on I am baker’s site.




I probably sound like a broken record talking about my potlucks… but yes, we had another. This time, we decided to go with a ‘high tea’ theme.


Was originally planning to make scones, BUT, this just seemed like the perfect occasion to attempt the rose cake.


It was a chocolate cake layered then covered with cream cheese buttercream.


Since this cake was so small (4 inches), there was way more icing compared to cake, which made it very sweet. For next time, it’ll probably be better with a larger cake. Happy decorating =]


17 thoughts on “Rose Cake

  1. Ascot. That’s the horse race HRM the Queen attends every year and the ladies attend wearing gorgeous hats.
    Also saw Martha Stewart decorate one of these rose cakes but yours is miles better! Not just saying.


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