Blueberry Banana Oat Muffins

Whole wheat + blueberries + bananas + oats All mixed up and baked together into a delicious muffin. #cleaneating

Donut…. muffins!

Have you ever heard of donut muffins? I’ve seen recipes for donut muffins before but thought they just sounded odd and was never curious enough to actually try to make them… until I saw them featured on the food network. Forgot what show it was, but they looked so good… cinnamon and sugar goodness.


Sunday alreadyyyy? Ahhh… weekends pass by so fast….  So I had a GNO yesterday (girls night out, incase you didn’t catch that… ahha I had no idea what that meant either till yesterday!) and my two friends randomly mentioned that they check my blog everyday? =P ahhaha and I feel bad cause I don’t update this blog THAT frequently……