Sunday alreadyyyy? Ahhh… weekends pass by so fast….  So I had a GNO yesterday (girls night out, incase you didn’t catch that… ahha I had no idea what that meant either till yesterday!) and my two friends randomly mentioned that they check my blog everyday? =P ahhaha and I feel bad cause I don’t update this blog THAT frequently… sorry guys that you have to keep looking at my old entries lol… so… decided that I should do another post to keep you two interested =P

I’ve been wanting to make these muffins again just because they are so tasty and have some nutritional value to them… they are actually so good… tinge of spice/ sweetness…. Last time I made these, I discovered that I can actually finish a whole dozen of them by myself… yes… I know what you are prob thinking… oink? lol)… they are called Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins… my new favorite muffin recipe!… And no, I haven’t been saving a can of purred pumpkin since October! Decided I wanted to try this recipe about a month or two ago, so don’t worry, this pumpkin isn’t super old.. Unfortunately, Superstore only sells canned pumpkin in these honking huge cans… it’s a lot of pumpkin… real bang for your buck lol. Anyhow, I couldn’t use all that pumpkin in this recipe, so I split the can up into containers and froze the pumpkin for later use… convenient!

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