Easter Chicks & Egg Cookies

Happy Easter!

IMG_5726 copy

Not going to lie… pretty excited about this long weekend…

IMG_5695 copy

And for these super cute chick & egg cookies!

When I was brainstorming easter-themed cookie ideas, I kept thinking… yellow, chicks, pastel color-palate, and flowers. I ended up searching on Pinterest for ideas and came across this super cute chick in an egg cookie idea design. I loved how cute yet simple the design was… plus I got away with using just one cuter for the whole project (such a time saver with placement on the cookie sheet and baking times!… all about the time-saver tricks!)

IMG_5721 copy

Can’t get over how simple and cute the chicks turned out. I wanted to add some colour to the whole easter-themed collection of cookies, so I decided to try out some polka-dots and stripes. I’ve come to the conclusion that when you’re in doubt of a cookie design, try out some polka dots and stripes because you seriously can’t go wrong with either. They add a fun touch and pop of color to the whole collection. Plus with the stripes, you can use a toothpick (or whatever other sharp pointy object) to drag the icing and make different and unique patterns!

IMG_5689 copy

In terms of the designs:

Chick cookies: pipe and flood the white bottom eggshell first (tip 2), then once its dry to the touch, pipe and flood the chick body (tip 2). Once everything is dry, carefully add the details with black and orange icing (tip 1).

Egg Cookies: pipe and flood the entire cookie with whatever base color you’d like, then while the icing is still wet, either just pipe different coloured dots for a polka dot effect, or pipe a design of horizontal lines and use a toothpick to drag the colors down towards the bottom (or try dragging the icing in different directions to make different patterns). In order for the icing to appear to ‘melt’ into the base color and dry completely flat, ensure that the icing consistency isn’t too stiff (think honey… thick and viscous but not too thick).

Wishing everyone a fabulous Easter Weekend! 

Though I’m a little late to Angie’s Fiesta Friday party (I blame the food coma from all the yummy eats this weekend!), I’m still going to try to make it over there with these cookies! Head on over to Angie’s Fiesta Friday to check out all the yummy easter treats!


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