Lego Cookies

   Lego cookies in a mini lego box! Kind of super cute.

Project Cookie: Princess Birthday

Princess birthday bash anyone?? If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ve probably heard me refer to a little girl named Ari. Anyways, it was her 5th birthday party this past weekend and her party was absolutely insane – so much food (made from scratch!), a giant pink castle cake, non-stop entertainment for the…

Project Cookie: Part Three

Love bug? I think I say this a lot, BUT, these cookies are seriously too cute. I wish they were my original idea, but they totally weren’t. I got this idea from a tutorial video that Sweetsugarbelle posted a while back (check it out, she’s so pro!).

Project Cookie: Part Two

C’s friend’s son has really gotten into Super Mario lately. Since we were planning to get him a Super Mario themed gift, I thought it would be neat to add in a small batch of Super Mario inspired birthday cookies to go along with the gift.

Turtle, Turtleee

I like turtles, they are so cute. My friend Amanda recently posted a picture of turtles for sale… saran-wrapped, labeled, priced, and everything in the cooler section of some asian food store… nasty, why eat a REAL turtle when you can eat these turtle cookies instead ? =/

Baby Cookies

Today is friday, April 29th… besides the crazy hype about the royal wedding that took place today (which seemed like a crazy fantasy wedding), it was also my first official school-free day.. yup. Had my last exam yesterday… whats up summerrr? =] Spent today relaxing and tending to things that I’ve neglected for the past…

Spring Chick Cookies

K, I know I’ve been saying I need to study (lol yesterday’s post)… BUT I’ve been staring at these cutters for about a month now (they’ve been just sitting on my table… waiting to be used) and have been trying to brainstorm ideas on how I could use them. Plus, these cutters are awesome because they come in a set of 7 and are…