Project Cookie: Princess Birthday

Princess birthday bash anyone??

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ve probably heard me refer to a little girl named Ari. Anyways, it was her 5th birthday party this past weekend and her party was absolutely insane – so much food (made from scratch!), a giant pink castle cake, non-stop entertainment for the kids and so much more (Good work on her parents’ parts!). A few weeks back, her parents asked if I was interested in making some cookies for the lucky kids who got invited to her party. Ch’yeahh I was. So here they are: pink and purple princess-themed dresses for the gals and jerseys for the boys.

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Baby Cookies

Today is friday, April 29th… besides the crazy hype about the royal wedding that took place today (which seemed like a crazy fantasy wedding), it was also my first official school-free day.. yup. Had my last exam yesterday… whats up summerrr? =] Spent today relaxing and tending to things that I’ve neglected for the past month… like cleaning and getting a haircut. Also managed to squeeze in a small batch of sugar cookies for a special baby boy whom I’ll hopefully be meeting tomorrow.

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Spring Chick Cookies

K, I know I’ve been saying I need to study (lol yesterday’s post)… BUT I’ve been staring at these cutters for about a month now (they’ve been just sitting on my table… waiting to be used) and have been trying to brainstorm ideas on how I could use them. Plus, these cutters are awesome because they come in a set of 7 and are a 2-in-1 style, where one side is a plain round, and the other side is fluted round. Not sure when my parents got them from though Apparently these cutters are from the store ‘Ross’ in the states… just came home one day and they were there on my table.

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