Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Velvety smooth, rich chocolate ice cream with morsels of chocolate chunks = the perfect stress buster

The weather has actually been really warm lately (mid 20’s), so we had to wait for a cooler day to make ice cream. I think I’ve mentioned that I tried making frozen yogurt in the middle of a warm day before, and that just wasn’t smart. The frozen ‘can’ just defrosted so fast and wasn’t able to freeze the mixture.

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More Ice Cream

So lately, I’ve been on this ice cream craze. This craze consists of making small batches of ice cream with whatever ingredients I can find to flavor it with. For instance, yesterday, I was about to make another batch with pineapple, since I saw the fresh pineapple in the fridge, but didn’t end up using it because I thought it might taste weird… opted for plain vanilla instead.

Mango Ice Cream

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Javachip Ice cream

Hey! Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. for the last week and a bit, just wrapped up my first course for the summer yesterday evening and it feels awesome not to think about anything! Savoring these next few days because my next course starts on tuesday. Anyways, decided to start this weekend off by bringing out the good ol’ ice cream machine to make a batch of javachip ice cream!

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A St. Patty’s Day birthday

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, a day to celebrate the irish. It also so happens to be my brother’s 18th birthday. He usually doesn’t request to have a birthday cake, but this year, he requested an ice cream cake. The weather isn’t exactly warm right now, so naturally, I was a little taken back by the thought of making a frozen dessert (I’m always cold)… whatever makes the birthday boy happy right? Continue reading