Project Cookie: Part Three

Love bug?

I think I say this a lot, BUT, these cookies are seriously too cute. I wish they were my original idea, but they totally weren’t. I got this idea from a tutorial video that Sweetsugarbelle posted a while back (check it out, she’s so pro!).

I knew I wanted to try making these after I saw the video because of how she utilized many simple techniques to create such cute, unique, and creative cookies. I won’t do much explaining in terms of decorating techniques in this post because I basically just copied Sugarbelle’s video.

The one technique that I did do differently was that I added the tiny black dots on the wings while the red icing was still wet. In the video, Sugarbelle used a black food marker to draw the black specs onto the wings after the red icing was completely dry. Since I didn’t have a food marker, I tried to lightly ‘dot’ the black icing onto the wet red icing – worked just the same. (*tip – if adding black specs onto wet red icing, try to apply minimal pressure on the icing bag. Apply only enough pressure for a little black icing to come out of the tip and then just lightly dot the black onto the wet red icing.)

Thinking these would work perfectly for Valentine’s Day?

Or any other occasion? Weddings?

So remember how I’ve been on the longest hunt for decently-priced fluted square cutters?… Well, the hunt is finally over. I recently just purchased a set that came in various sizes and at a decent price too! Did I mention they were colorful? And stackable too? Bonus eh?

Who wouldn’t want rainbow n’ stackable square cutters?


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  1. Those are such cute cookies!!! When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made some sorbet and would love to know what you think :)


    1. Janine says:

      Thanks! I’ll be sure to drop by and have a look =]


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