Project Cookie: Part Two

C’s friend’s son has really gotten into Super Mario lately. Since we were planning to get him a Super Mario themed gift, I thought it would be neat to add in a small batch of Super Mario inspired birthday cookies to go along with the gift.

From googling cookie ideas, Mario’s face seemed to be a popular cookie idea, but that just seemed much too detailed/ complicated. The mushrooms and star also seemed to be popular choices among bakers.

As far as I know (and correct me if I’m wrong) ‘Super Mario’ is a Nintendo character who gained popularity through video games? lol He also has a whole gang of friends who are featured in the popular games. As we all know, the green shroom is for the ‘1up’ (extra life) and the red shroom helps Mario and Luigi grow larger & tougher… So in other words, we should all eat some red and green shrooms =]… For the record, I totally didn’t know any of that shroom talk… C enlightened me with his shroom knowledge.

It took me a while to figure out how to create a cookie shape that resembled a mushroom, but I finally figured it out after looking through my cutters. I used a snowman cutter but only actually kept the bottom 2/3 of the cookie. (Cut a whole snowman cookie, then used a knife to cut a straight edge through the cookie)

Cut along the black line

The cookie dough and icing recipes were both from the same batch as the wedding cookies.

Decorating: pipe a line, separating the top and bottom halves of the mushroom. Next, pipe one circle in the middle of the top half of the mushroom (you’ll flood this circle later with white icing). Outline two semi-circles on either side of the middle circle and continue outlining around the outter edge of the mushroom’s top half to connect all the icing. Lastly, flood the outlined area as shown below.

While the flood icing is drying, you can also pipe on the eyes at this point. After the flood icing has completely dried, flood the circle and two semi circles with white icing. (Ensure that the flood icing is completely dry, in order to avoid color bleed into the white icing) Doneeee.

These were much easier than attempting a piped Mario face on cookies. Really cute too.

Hope the birthday boy liked them!

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  1. These look Realistic


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