Custom Cupcake Carrier

IMG_3839 copy

My very own custom-designed cupcake box!

IMG_3846 copy

All functional and everything!

Haha, you’re probably thinking, what in the world is she all excited about? Well the truth is, I was super excited about this box for a couple of reasons: 1) my brother designed and made this box for a school project, 2) he printed the quiet baker on it, and 3) it was a cupcake carrier!

A little background info – my brother is currently studying graphics designing and recently completed a project where the objective was to design and create a functional box from scratch without the use of glue. During his planning stages, he initially asked me for ideas on what kind of box he should make. With my baking-brain and all, I obviously suggested a cupcake or cookie box (so that I could actually maybe use these boxes in the future! hah!). After some research, design ideas, expensive printing, and precise cutting… viola, the quiet baker cupcake box was born.

IMG_3842 copy

The day before he had to present it to the class, I made some red velvet cupcakes to fit in the box. We figured that the finished product just wouldn’t be complete without a real cupcake inside. It was a late night of baking to say the least, but we were ecstatic by how it all turned out (I was probably more than him!). Popped on a homemade cupcake tag to complete the look.

IMG_3848 copy

Still can’t believe he made it from scratch. Mind-boggling.


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