Cupcake box

IMG_4017 copy


IMG_4002 copy

And another cupcake  box!

I don’t know what it is, but lately, I have been really obsessed with all things cupcakes. I never used to be a fan of them. If you asked me a year ago what I thought about cupcakes, I would have probably said, they’re kind of alright or mehh. But now… <3… seriously. I have no clue what happened. So remember that cupcake carrier that my brother made as a school project? (Check it out here) Well, the cost to make one of his carriers was about $10, which in my opinion, is fairly pricey for a disposable single-cupcake carrier.

IMG_4026 copy

I was determined to come up with a more economical way to easily transport a single cupcake, so I drafted my own. Its a good old fashioned simple two-piece box with a small insert within to stabilize the cake. Wrapped it up and sent it over to grandma – when she saw it, she had no idea what it was, let alone that there was food inside. Love – tiny cute package of sweet goodness =)

IMG_4021 copy

Headed over to the Fiesta Friday party, hope to see you there!

Happy baking =)







19 thoughts on “Cupcake box

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Yeh, I never realized what was so special about cupcakes either, until one day when all of a sudden my mind about them completely changed.


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