Salmon Poke Bowl

Take me back to hawaii… Salty, tender, marinated salmon cubes… Poke…. love.

Spicy Mayo Salmon Poke

   Ever since C and I visited Hawaii a few years back, poke remains as one of our trip highlights. After I found this amazing recipe on Two Red Bowls, I knew this was something that we had to try making… asap.

Hawaii : Food Adventure

As promised, here’s a tidbit of our Hawaiian food adventure. The first day on the island was a food tour – they took us around honolulu and let us try about 15 different types of food in total… yes, it was a food marathon and food marathons are always fun times. I was planning to…

Hawaii: Poke

Hey, how’s it going? Just kind of dawned on me that there’s only a week left of summer and school starts next week already… Lame. My summer was pretty much all summer school till last week, so it went by really fast. I mentioned in the last post that C and I were in Hawaii….