Hawaii : Food Adventure

As promised, here’s a tidbit of our Hawaiian food adventure. The first day on the island was a food tour – they took us around honolulu and let us try about 15 different types of food in total… yes, it was a food marathon and food marathons are always fun times. I was planning to take pictures of all the foods we tried, but it was nearly impossible b/c at one point, we were standing in the middle of Hawaii’s Chinatown, while sampling close to 10 different types of food, one after the other… but I did manage to capture some food from the places we sat down at.

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Hawaii: Poke

Hey, how’s it going? Just kind of dawned on me that there’s only a week left of summer and school starts next week already… Lame. My summer was pretty much all summer school till last week, so it went by really fast.

I mentioned in the last post that C and I were in Hawaii. We spent a week there (it was awesome) and just got back a couple of days ago! And as promised, we (mostly me) took tons of food pictures of all the different foods that we tried.

Going to start off by sharing a food that we both loved: poke. Have you ever heard of poke? It’s basically sashimi that’s cut into cubes then seasoned with different ingredients, such as seaweed, Hawaiian rock salt, etc. Really good, for those who like sashimi! Before we left for Hawaii, we researched a few places that we wanted to try. According to Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Host), fresh poke is a local favorite and a must-try in Hawaii… So from the moment we settled in, we started on our hunt for poke… Ended up eating poke at least once a day!… So good. Seemed like there were endless seasoning combinations to the different types of fish available too.

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