Spider & Frankenstein Halloween Cookies

Happy Halloween friends!

IMG_4629 copy

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to do a Halloween themed cookie project!

A little backstory here… Once I had decided to do this project, the next step was to choose which cutters to use. I was thinking of using a pumpkin and maybe a fluted circle cutter.. so I opened the baking cupboard, had a look at all of my cutters and realized that I didn’t have ANY Halloween cutters and only one generic rectangle cutter… they were all Christmas cutters! When I moved to E’s, I only brought the cookie essentials and a few cutters, due to limited kitchen space… I guess I really felt that Christmas cutters were a must have lol.

IMG_4608 copy

Started off a little stumped at first and tried to rack my brain to figure out what design I could make with the rectangle. The beauty of using such a generic shape is the versatility – you can do absolutely anything you want. After a quick search, I was inspired to try a rectangular Frankenstein. As for the spider web, I had used a fluted round cutter for this design in the past but figured it would work just as well on a rectangle.

Moral of the story: work with whatever cutters you have. You’d be surprised how versatile cutters are and how you can use them to create something you didn’t think possible!

As for the cookie construction process, here is a little rundown of how I created these two different designs.

IMG_4597 copy

Frankenstein Cookies

  • Royal icing colors: Green, black, white
  1. Start with the hair – with a #2 tip, outline the hair, wait about 10 minutes for it to set and flood it with icing. Set the cookies aside for about 30-60 minutes or until the border is completely dry. Since I was working on two designs at the same time, I started the spider web cookies at this point – you always want to be careful when working with black icing as you do not want the black color to bleed into other adjacent colors
  2. Once the black icing border is dry, outline and flood the rest of the cookie with the green icing (#2) Set aside for a couple of hours to completely set.
  3. Pipe the nose (#2), two white dots for the eyes (#2), mouth and forehead stitches (#1). Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before adding the blacks of the eyes (#1).
  4. Allow to completely dry before packaging (I started these in the afternoon and allowed them to dry overnight)

IMG_4624 copy

Spider Web Cookies

  • Royal icing colors: White, purple, black, orange
  1. Pipe the border and then flood the inside with white icing with a #3 tip. Since this is a corner design, you’ll need to pick a corner for where you want the ‘center’ of the web to be. While the icing is still wet, pipe the black (#2) and purple (#1 or 2) lines in a slight curve, working away from the designated corner – it should look like the lines are radiating from that corner. With a clean tooth pick, drag the tooth pick through the icing TOWARDS the designated corner. Repeat as many times as you’d like. Set aside and allow to dry for a few hours.
  2. Pipe an orange circle (#2) for the spider body and allow to dry for at least 45 minutes before piping the eyes and legs. Add on the legs (#1) and a white oval for the eyes (#2). Allow to dry at least 30 minutes before adding the black eyes.

Happy Halloween!





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