Christmas Onesies and a Poop!

So if you hadn’t noticed… before Halloween even passed… some stores decided to get an early start on the holiday season. Totally not complaining because I love it all… Christmas lights, beautifully decorated trees, holiday music and all the food!… you name it, I love it!


And then there are Christmas sweets… cookies in particular… all of the sweet buttery crumbly delectable gems…. but more importantly, did you see these Christmas-themed onesie cookies? … ugh so adorable I think my ovaries are going to explode <3


I mentioned before that I had recently acquired a new kitchen aid… like a real-life guy that has promised to help me with all of my baking projects! This was our first cookie project together (first of many, I imagine!) and it was honestly so great! I’ve never had an extra set of hands in the kitchen to help me with any baking projects… I mean, not going to lie but at first it felt a little strange because I just wasn’t used to it. But after a while, it was amazing… the project was so much quicker and his eagerness to learn and perfect his piping skills just made me so happy…. Like proud teacher type of happy =D


I guess I have an apprentice now who will one day probably master the piping technique! By the way, did you see the cute reindeer on one of the onesies?? That design is hands-down my favourite!…. not just because E piped the whole deer (*so proud of him!*).. its just so stinkin’ cute <3

And after an entire evening of baking and decorating these onesie cookies, E got a little creative… I present to you… this one-of-a-kind creation that was hand-shaped and hand-piped… a smiley poop cookie! It’s a masterpiece if you’d ask me. Just look at the darn thing… it looks so happy, how can you not smile back? I’m sure it tastes delicious too, but I think this one will be for the display case… E’s first of many creative cookies!

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