Magician Cookies

Cookies for a magician-themed birthday party!

IMG_8395 copy copy

Complete with a real magician!

A little while back, a friend asked if I could do some magician-themed cookies for her son’s upcoming birthday party. So after having a look at different themed cookies, these are what I came up with. Bunny ears out of a top hat… you can’t get anymore magician-themed than that!

IMG_8398 copy

Originally I was looking around for cutter options online and had found one online, but due to the timeline, the cutter wouldn’t have shipped in time for the order. So next best thing… I opted for a classic square scallop cutter. You can honestly use a square or circle cutter for just about any design, the only thing is that you’d probably end up free-handing the design depending on what it is.

Alternatively, instead of free-handing, you could probably make a cutter using this method, but I felt that the design was so detailed that the cutter might have gotten too warped by the end of the order.

If you’d like to try this cookie but aren’t completely sure if you could free-hand consistently, you could also use the royal icing transfer method. This is where you pipe the royal icing details (ears and a top hat in this case) onto wax paper first (with a stencil underneath the wax), allow it to dry completely and then carefully peel the wax paper off. Then you’re left with perfect royal icing transfers that you can carefully place over wet icing to adhere it to the cookie.

IMG_8393 copy

Magician Cookies

  • Background base color
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink
  1. Using a #2, flood the square background with the color of your choice and allow to dry completely
  2. Free-hand top hat outline (#2), leaving a space for the ears and red stripe. Flood top hat with black icing (15 second icing consistency – the icing should resemble honey… when you run a knife through the icing, the line should disappear in about 10-15 seconds)
  3. Once the top hat is dry, flood the red icing and pipe (#2) the white outline for the ears
  4. Flood the ears with white, and while the white icing is still wet, add in a line of pink for the ears.

Happy Baking!


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    1. Janine says:

      Thank you !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. amy says:

    Everyone was so happy and AMAZED!


    1. Janine says:

      Thanks, I’m so glad! It was a fun project ! 😊


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