Engagement Ring Cookies

Look at that rock… !

IMG_8293 copy

I mean really, what girl wouldn’t want a giant sparkler cookie?

A little while back, a friend asked if I could do an engagement themed cookie order for her friend who had recently gotten engaged. I hadn’t actually done an engagement themed order before, many of the previous orders have been wedding cookies so I was really excited to take on this project.

There are ring cookies all over Pinterest and Instagram, so it wasn’t hard to find inspiration for these cookies. Most are all very similar with some small detail differences, such as band and color detail. I went with a simple silver band and a nice big sparkly rock. There is a cookie cutter that you can buy for this particular shape, which I will probably pick up in the future. If I had bought the cutter for the project, it wouldn’t have made it to my house in time for the due date, so I decided to make my own cutter.

IMG_8282 copy

Similar to how I made this cutter, I used aluminum foil to make the shape. This time however, I decided to start with the aluminum from a popcan as the base of my shape, then wrapped it all up in aluminum foil. This method is great in a pinch, but after about two dozen cookies with firm dough, the cutter does start to warp a little. For the hole in the center, I ended up using the 1M swirl tip to punch out the dough… it was the perfect size and worked like a charm!

For the assembly of the cookie, I started off with piping and filling the band in a light grey color and then filled in the white diamond area. After the white diamond base was dry, I piped on the diamond details and sprinkled regular sugar (ran out of sanding sugar) onto the wet icing. To finish off the band, I used a small brush and brushed on some silver luster dust. Alternative, you can mix this shimmery powder with a tiny bit of vodka or clear vanilla to create more of a metallic paint, but I was going for more of a subtle shimmer instead of full on metallic. Love love love. The sugar on the diamond piping, and luster dust on the band really make this ring shine – super cute and so sparklyy.

Hope everyone had a great New Years! 2015 was great but 2016 is going to be even better!  Happy New Year!


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  1. They look so good! I will definitely follow- I would really appreciate it if you would check my blog out too- https://thebakingblogsite.wordpress.com


    1. Janine says:

      Thank you very much !


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