Engagement Ring Cookies

Look at that rock… !

IMG_8293 copy

I mean really, what girl wouldn’t want a giant sparkler cookie?

A little while back, a friend asked if I could do an engagement themed cookie order for her friend who had recently gotten engaged. I hadn’t actually done an engagement themed order before, many of the previous orders have been wedding cookies so I was really excited to take on this project.

There are ring cookies all over Pinterest and Instagram, so it wasn’t hard to find inspiration for these cookies. Most¬†are all very similar with some small detail differences, such as band and color detail. I went with a simple silver band and a nice big sparkly rock. There is a cookie cutter that you can buy for this particular shape, which I will probably pick up in the future. If I had bought the cutter for the project, it wouldn’t have made it to my house in time for the due date, so I decided to make my own cutter.

IMG_8282 copy

Similar to how I made this cutter, I used aluminum foil to make the shape. This time however, I decided to start with the aluminum from a popcan as the base of my shape, then wrapped it all up in aluminum foil. This method is great in a pinch, but after about two dozen cookies with firm dough, the cutter does start to warp a little. For the hole in the center, I ended up using the 1M swirl tip to punch out the dough… it was the perfect size and worked like a charm!

For the assembly of the cookie, I started off with piping and filling the band in a light grey color and then filled in the white diamond area. After the white diamond base was dry, I piped on the diamond details and sprinkled regular sugar (ran out of sanding sugar) onto the wet icing. To finish off the band, I used a small brush and brushed on some silver luster dust. Alternative, you can mix this shimmery powder with a tiny bit of vodka or clear vanilla to create more of a metallic paint, but I was going for more of a subtle shimmer instead of full on metallic. Love love love. The sugar on the diamond piping, and luster dust on the band really make this ring shine – super cute and so sparklyy.

Hope everyone had a great New Years! 2015 was great but 2016 is going to be even better!  Happy New Year!

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  1. They look so good! I will definitely follow- I would really appreciate it if you would check my blog out too- https://thebakingblogsite.wordpress.com


    1. Janine says:

      Thank you very much !


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