Magee Sweater Cookies

Magee Sweater Cookies

IMG_7837 copy

What a cute high school reunion treat.

A little while ago, a friend had asked if I could make a small batch of cookies for her friend’s high school reunion. She was thinking of either sweater cookies with a contrasting ‘M’ or a shield with a contrasting ‘M’. As you’ve probably guessed from the photo, Magee’s colors are a bright cherry red with a contrasting black. I would never have thought of bringing cookie favours to a high school reunion but I think that is a fantastic idea – what a treat for your old classmates!

Once she decided to go with the sweater cookies, I started thinking of how I’d be able maintain the logo consistency between each cookie. Then an idea came to mind… I had read about royal icing transfers in a book a little while back, but was a little apprehensive because I had never tried this technique before – basically, you pipe any royal icing details on a piece of parchment, allow it to completely dry then peel it of, and viola…  a royal icing transfer that you can easily pop on a cookie.

IMG_7843 copy

I couldn’t think of any other technique and this seemed to be the best way to keep the ‘M’ logo consistent between the cookies… the only issue was that because I had never tried it before, I didn’t want to waste time trying it with such a delicate logo design, incase it didn’t turn out. So… what I ended up doing was after the red base was piped, flooded (#2) and completely dry, I carefully freehanded the ‘M’ logo (#1), and tried my best to keep it consistent. I will admit, there were slight variations…  but I think the basic logo shape was the same. Royal icing transfers is still a technique that I will need to try and think it would work great if I could get comfortable with this technique – I’ll let you guys know once I try it out.

That’s all for now – happy baking!


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