Baby Carriage Cookies

Pink carriages.

IMG_7781 copy

 Silver dragees.

IMG_7773 copy


Along with the onesies were these cute carriage cookies. I think these were my favorite of the three different designs because they had the most detail. There were a bunch of cute designs on Pinterest and I would be lying if I said that I had came up with this design myself.

IMG_7769 copy

In terms of the cookie, I had piped/ flooded (#2) the pink base of the carriage first and allowed that to dry. Next I piped and flooded (#2) the white top part of the carriage, and while the white icing was still dry, I piped small little pink dots which ‘melted’ into the wet icing. Once both the pink and white portions were completely dry, I added the details – using a #1 tip with white icing, I piped the scalloped outline of the top carriage and added lines over-top of the polka-dots to create that ‘folded’ look. Next I piped the wheels and finished them off with a silver dragee. And last, I piped some dots along the edges as well as a bow in the center (you could try piping a heart instead – I’m sure either would be just as cute)

Stay tuned for the last design of this baby shower project!


15 thoughts on “Baby Carriage Cookies

    • I make my own royal icing. It uses meringue powder in it and ends up drying matte and hardening. Let it sit at least 5 hrs to dry completely, overnight is best I find. Hope this helps!


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