Nautical Sailboat Cookies

IMG_6808 copy

too cute …

IMG_6797 copy

loving the nautical.

Here it is, part two of the nautical cookie project! (If you haven’t read my last post on this project, you could check it out here). Like I said in the last post, there were so many different nautical-themed designs that it was hard to pick just two… boats and anchors seemed to pair well.

In terms of piping the boat details, I started off with the navy (#1) and piped a thin straight line down the middle, then piped and filled the base of the boat. Finished it off with a navy flag and small dot of icing above the flag – allow the navy to completely dry before piping the two red sails. Though my original design had a border similar to the anchor cookies, I decided to skip it altogether to keep it a bit more simple (thought a border might make it look too busy).

IMG_6832 copy

Did I ever mention that I love baker’s twine? Especially the classic red baker’s twine… not sure what it is, I feel like it just makes everything a little more appealing and fun. Anyhow, the red baker’s twine that I had actually paired perfectly with the color scheme for this project. Finished it off with a custom tag, tied a bow, and called it a day!


13 thoughts on “Nautical Sailboat Cookies

  1. I love these cookies! You did such a great job with the presentation, too. Totally agree with you about baker’s twine. So festive and perfect with the cookies!


  2. Those cookies are adorable!! When I visited your blog today, I was like ‘wait, why does this look so familiar?’.. I then realized we use the same Adelle theme! Lol.. :D you have a lovely blog, just found yourself a new follower! :)


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