Holiday Baking Party ft. Frosty the Snowman

Continuing the holiday baking party with…

IMG_4661 copy

Frosty the snowman!

I love the simple design of this cookie, plus it’s more unique than the typical snowman cookie. Similar to the penguin cookies, I love the added holly detail because it seems to add a little more color and life to a predominantly white cookie. If holly isn’t your thing, another way to add color would be to add a little pink on the cheeks. Originally, I was going to try painting on some colored dust on the cheeks to make it appear like a subtle blush, but realized that I didn’t have the right colored dust – might try that next year if I remember. A blushing snowman – don’t you think that would look cute?

IMG_4650 copy

So for this project, you will need: round cookies, a good amount of white icing (slightly runny) and a smaller amount of black, orange, red, and green icing. You’ll want to make the detail colors (black, orange, green, and red) slightly stiffer to better control to the precise designs. First of, pipe and flood the cookie with white icing then allow it to completely dry. Next, pipe the nose in the middle of the cookie, followed by the eyes and mouth, then lastly the holly. I find it easiest to start with the nose because it’s a good landmark to ensure that the piped face is fairly centered.

IMG_4653 copy

If you want to get real creative, you could also try making a snowman with three different sized cutters, then laying them all out on a platter or stacking them if giving away as gifts. Haven’t tried the three-tiered stacked snowman myself, but I’m sure it would look awesome and would be great for kids (… as if they need another excuse to play with their food!)

Good luck! T-minus 4 days to squeeze any last minute holiday baking in!


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