Cinnamon and Sugar Palmiers

Sweet flaky pastries that look like butterflies.

2013-11-14 20.06.25

Did I mention they are also super easy?

C and I made beef wellington a few weeks back (check it out here). Since puff pastry was on sale, I bought two packages and just left one in the freezer. I was contemplating on what I could use the puff pastry for but I decided to go with palmiers as a treat to bring to work. The recipe is straight from Martha Stewart.

2013-11-14 21.28.32

They turned out great – sweet, crispy, and flaky. Plus the staff were so impressed I actually made them – they had no idea they were so easy!


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  1. How delicious! These palmiers look so crispy and flaky :D I did not realize they were this easy to make! Will need to make it sometime. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Janine says:

    Thanks Ada, yes they are one of those things that look like they took more time and effort – happy baking !


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