RCMP Badge Cookies and a Friday Food Adventure

      RCMP Badges.


More cookies for C’s work potluck.


Similar to the dentist cookies (here), I free-handed the designs because I didn’t have a badge-shaped cutter.


These cookies were probably the most challenging project yet, but I really liked how they turned out. Not going to lie… they were pretty tedious with all the small accents.


Since badges are usually very shiny, I tried to add a pearlescent finish to the icing with pearl dust. Don’t think the camera did a great job in capturing it though.


Hope they liked them!

And now, on to our Friday Food Adventure! – It all started a few weeks ago when C and I decided to go downtown on a Friday afternoon to go food truck hunting. I’ve been hooked on that show Eat St. and they’ve featured quite a number of Vancouver trucks. Long story short, our hunt wasn’t very successful that day since most were either closed for the day or closed early on Fridays.

Fast forward to last Friday – we went to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver and noticed that there was a Summer Night Market event happening beside the Quay. To our surprise, as we walked through the tents, we noticed about 8-10 food trucks lined up in the food area! Tried three dishes: Kick-ass rice from Le Tigre Cuisine, Filipino BBQ pork panwich from JJ’s Trucketteria, and Oyster po’boy from Kaboom Box 2.

All the dishes were really good, but the Kick-ass rice was our favorite. Since it was so good, we tried to recreate our own version the very next day!


Our dish consisted of teriyaki chicken and a poached egg over a bed of sake-infused rice.


It wasn’t exact, but the fams really enjoyed it =]

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  1. those cookies look amazing! :)


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