Liebster Award

Hey everyone, this is going to be a slightly different post today. I have been recently nominated for the Liebster Award by gollygoshgirl!


This really means a lot and I am so flattered that she chose my blog =]

Rules for accepting a Liebster Award:

  • The award is given by bloggers to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
  • Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set you.
  • Choose eleven new bloggers to pass the award to, and link them in your post.
  • Create eleven new questions for the chosen bloggers.
  • Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  • Each blogger should post eleven random facts about themselves.

Here are the 11 questions that I shall answer:

Why did you start blogging?

I initially started blogging because I felt it was a good way to share my food adventures with friends and family. Plus it made an excellent recipe index! After the initial months of blogging, I also realized that it was a great resource and place to connect and learn from other cooks and bakers.

Who is your hero (or heroine) and why?

I’d have to say my hero(s) are my parents. They have provided my brothers and I with unconditional love and support, have taught us the importance of family, and have provided us with a great life. Couldn’t be more happy and thankful.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Don’t work so hard – we work to live, not live to work (so true!)

Favourite quote?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou

One thing you’ve learnt this year?

I’ve learnt to not be so afraid to make mistakes or fail because as we all know, nobody is perfect. Though mistakes and failures really suck, it’s usually not the end of the world and life goes on.

One goal for this year?

To smile more often. (One of my New Years resolutions)

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Like every other kid, I wanted to be some sort of doctor – paediatrician to be exact!

Favourite food?

Hmm… It’s going to be a tie between: all things dessert, Korean food, and Japanese food.

Where would your ideal holiday destination be?

Hawaii – hands down best holiday destination. I was there about two years ago and cannot wait to go back!

If you could learn one new skill or take up one new hobby what would it be?

I’ve always been curious about fashion draping. You have to have a ton of patience and skill, but the clothing you can produce from draping is amazing.

What do you see as your greatest success?

I’ve been a student for as long as I can remember and haven’t truly stepped into the ‘real’ world yet. So from that perspective, I’d have to say my greatest success is a combination of all the decisions that have gotten me to where I am today – choosing to pursue and complete a degree, as well as choosing to further my education in a field that I really enjoy.

Wow, not used to answering so many questions about myself. Hope I didn’t bore anyone! Alrighty, enough about me and onto my 11 blog nominees:

  • Food Equals Happy Me (blog)
  • We Like Two Cook (blog )
  • Amy’s Food Adventures (blog)
  • Vanilla Rock (blog)
  • The Misfit Baker (blog)
  • Baking Challenge Accepted (blog)
  • Love Food Love Fitness Love Life (blog)
  • Sugar and Spice Baking (blog)
  • Sua Sponte Life (blog)
  • Cake 4 Thought (blog)
  • Always an Adventure blog)

I thought these blogs were great – images, content, and details! Here are my 11 new questions for my nominees:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  3. What is the nicest thing a random stranger has ever done for you?
  4. What is your greatest food weakness?
  5. Who do you strive to be? Why?
  6. What is your greatest fear?
  7. Name one current hobby of yours that not many people know about.
  8. What was one of your New Years resolutions?
  9. What do you feel is your greatest asset?
  10. What is one goal you wish to accomplish before 2013 is over?
  11. Name your favourite restaurant and why.

Alrighty, and lastly, I’m supposed to list 11 random facts about myself. Here it goes:

  1. I am a Scorpio
  2. I am a dog-lover, yet I technically don’t have my own dog… does C’s dog count? Shes technically kind of ‘mine’ lol
  3. Though I like making macarons, I can only eat about 1 or 2 in a sitting… they are just so sweet!
  4. I love dark chocolate – the darker, the better
  5. My favorite colors are blue and violet (like a teal-ish, tiffany blue)
  6. I usually have to bake something at least once a week, unless its exam time or something… but even then I convince myself that I need ‘study snacks’
  7. I love to do yoga
  8. I have yet to make a tiered cake – really want to do this project sometime
  9. I like to make all sorts of things – clothes, accessories, random household stuff
  10. Current favorite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, MasterChef, and the Bachelorette
  11. Favorite weekend activites: a nice walk (somewhere scenic preferably), a bottle of wine, and good company

This was a really long post! Thanks for reading and hope it wasn’t too boring!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it – thanks for answering the questions it’s great to get to know fellow bloggers better :) SO glad you decided to share your food endeavours with the cyber world – I really enjoy seeing them!


    1. Janine says:

      Awe thank you, I feel the same about your blog! Yes I agree, its very nice to meet and get to know other bloggers =]


  2. Thank you so much for giving our blog the award :). It was great reading more about you- you have a pretty great blog too! I’m not sure when we will get around to doing the post since we are kind of busy and schedule our posts in advance, but hopefully we will be able to do one at some point! It seems like a fun way to get to know other bloggers.


    1. Janine says:

      You’re very welcome! No worries, whenever you have time. Haha yes, it was a lot of writing but its definitely a fun way to share and connect.


  3. lovefoodlovefitnesslovelife says:

    Hi Janine! I can’t express my gratitude enough for giving my blog the award. I have the post almost finished and I should have it uploaded sometime tomorrow. You will certainly be mentioned! :) You are obviously a very kind-hearted person. I’ve just had a look around your blog and I love what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work. :)


    1. Janine says:

      Awe thanks! No problem, looking forward to your post =]


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