Surprise Post: Vanilla Bean Macarons

Vanilla Bean. Classic.


A little really goes a long way.


My friends and I try to do some sort of get together at least once a month. Not always possible to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but we try. Since I brought chocolate nutella macarons to our last potluck, I wanted to try a different flavor this time round. Vanilla was a safe choice.


Though it doesn’t show up on my pictures, I love the speckled appearance that the vanilla bean adds to buttercream. So pretty.


I used the same original macaron recipe as before and just made a small batch of vanilla bean buttercream to fill the shells.


Was aiming for a Tiffany blue color, but because my oven was too hot, they ended up browning and discoloring slightly on the bottom. Will have to try a lower temperature or add another pan on the bottom next time.


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