I’m back!

Just got back into town yesterday afternoon and I have to say that it feels really good to be home. Loved going on vacation, but there’s only so long you can be away from home.

We started the trip off with a cruise around the Caribbean then drove up to Orlando and checked out Universal Studios. My personal high-light of the trip had to be Orlando. Universal was awesome and the shopping wasn’t bad either. Cruise was good too, but it was a little too long for my liking…there’s only so long you can stay on a boat (despite the unlimited food options).

Each night, we had the option of going to a ‘sit-down’ dinner service or to skip and go to a buffet. The quality of food served at the sit-down dinners was much better than the buffet (as expected), plus they were nicely plated so the pictures turned out better. Here’s a sample of the various foods we tried while on the cruise:

I think this was just a shrimp cocktail from our first dinner service.

The amazingly tender filet of beef. I rarely order a beef entrée, but our server sold us on it. It was absolutely delicious.

Finished the meal off with a Chocolate Espresso Souffle. When I first saw this dessert on the menu, I was pretty ecstatic b/c I’ve been wanting to try a souffle ever since I saw it on Masterchef (long time ago)…  but I was sadly disappointed with how the souffle tasted/ its texture. It was fairly flat/deflated by time it got to the table. Our server finished the dish off by digging a hole into the middle then pouring espresso flavored cream over the souffle… the texture was similar to soggy bread and I found it somewhat heavy because of the cream-based liquid. I don’t know if those characteristics are typical of a souffle or if this one was just an exception, but I’m willing to give this dessert another shot…. it looked so much better on Masterchef…

Seafood Night! Hands down, the best dinner of the entire cruise. Started off with a seafood salad… Delish.

Followed by a Lobster Tail (stole  one of Jeremy’s… since he ordered 2 lobster tails plus prime rib)

And finished it all off with a trio of desserts. From left to right: a grand marnier-soaked cake, chocolate truffle cake (or something), and passion fruit cheesecake. The chocolate cake was my favorite, the others were mehhh… but oh man… the chocolate was so rich and velvety smooth. So good…

Aside from our sit down dinners, we usually ate most of our other meals at the buffet. My typical breakfast usually consisted of: a giant pile of mixed fruit, piece of toast + butter, some potatoes, and maybe some baked beans. Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I was loving the different choices/ fruit options available. Another surprising food that I became really hooked on were baked beans. My mom’s reaction was “seriously… baked beans?” Seen them on TV before and have probably tried them before, but never really liked them till now… they are so good! Drenched in some sauce that almost tastes like weak BBQ sauce. I’m now on the hunt for a good baked bean recipe… going to make them at home…. every weekend for brunch… j/k, family prob won’t touch them. I can probably go for a bucket of them just about now….

Another food that I’ve seen/heard about on the Food Network were grits. I was actually so excited to see that the cruise buffet offered grits. Can’t even count how many times I’ve seen or heard Guy Fieri mention grits/ grit cakes or something to do with grits on Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives. And after all that excitement to try this dish… I gotta say that I really don’t like it. lol The best description I can come up with would be…  watered-down rice that is somewhat undercooked so you got some crunchy and grainy texture going on. Sound delicious? hahaha But yes, had to try and document.

Have you ever ordered room service? Or wanted to at least? Leave it to my brothers to show me how it’s done. The term ‘room service’ turned into “RS” while we were on the boat. Not even joking, everyday after dinner one of them would say “so… RS tonight !??!”. Surprisingly, we only ordered RS twice throughout the whole cruise.

The first room service experience: fruit platter, spinach & artichoke dip, honey BBQ chicken, and chocolate chip cookies.

Second room service: fried flounder and a steak sandwich.

Was like a midnight-snack picnic in the comfort of your own bed. Loveeee it.

Alright, off to make some baked beans now!  Kidding! Will try to squeeze in a couple more posts before school begins again.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Jachito says:



    1. Janine says:

      There’s always next time.


  2. Amanda says:

    Cocktail shrimp looks good and so does that steak.

    I would think pouring liquid on a souffle would automatically deflate it. Weird!


    1. Janine says:

      Yeh, the food was really good. Yah, it seems like a liquid would deflate a souffle… but it was already deflated anyways =/


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