Friday Food Adventure

Almost every Friday, there is a good chance that I end up hanging out with C. Problem is that we can never usually figure out what to eat for dinner. Take our supermarket conversation for instance (“what do you feel like?” “I don’t know/ care”) and repeat that almost every week. Sometimes one of us will be craving something and we will end up eating that, but that’s an exception. After a while of going through that sequence of questions, we usually settle on something easy like take out. I know… It’s a bad habit.

So that’s where this ‘new’ idea came to mind. Proposed that we should try (keyword) to cut down on take out food and instead cook up a Friday food adventure every week! lol Brilliant right? Ahhah I know some people are probably laughing at us right now because they plan/ prepare meals everyday, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

So here’s how our most recent friday food adventure went down: Claw said he wanted to try onigiri (riceball things), I objected. Then he suggested Thai take out food, since it was an ‘easy’ option, I agreed. Then last minute I suggested to make ‘japadogs’ at home, he eventually agreed, reluctantly at first. (win!) lol

If you haven’t heard of a japadog, you should go try one! So good, but they are so $$$. It’s a foodcart/ restaurant in downtown Vancouver that sell japanese style hotdogs. Pretty much a variety of japanese toppings on a special weiner. You know its good b/c there is almost always a line of people.

Japadogs are really good, but they are pricey! Last time we went, they started at about $6 each! Solution: make our own with whatever japanese ingredients we could find. Our japadogs were rather simple, but still tasted pretty darn good.

Easy Japadogs

  • Japanese mayo
  • Seaweed (cut into small strips)
  • Benito flakes (aka fish flakes)
  • Onion
  • Weiners/ Buns
  • Sweet chilli sauce (C found it amusing that it was called ‘cock brand’)
  • Korean BBQ sauce (optional)


  1. Saute onions and pan fry weiners.
  2. Top buns with a lot of sweet chilli sauce (so good), weiner, onions, seaweed, benito flakes, and some mayo. Done.

Easy right?


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