Froyo aka frozen yogurt is delicious. Probably love that stuff more than ice cream. Plus you can add a  number of different toppings to make it into a frozen yogurt sundae… fruit, cookies, candy, bubble tea toppings, flavorings, etc… so good. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you are missing out! There are a number of places around Vancouver: Yogen Fruz, Qoola, Scoop!, Timothy’s, and a whole bunch more. You should go… like right now!

Soft serve yogurt

When I’m lazy and won’t leave my house/ want a giant container of froyo, I make my own with the ice cream maker. It’s not as creamy/ smooth as the ones you can buy (no idea how they get it oh so creamy), but it’s still pretty satisfying. Pick a yogurt, add a little milk if the yogurt is too thick, and put it in the ice cream maker… 20 minutes later, frozen yogurt time.

First time trying this strawberry flavored Asana yogurt and its actually really good. Super creamy/ thick and has a fair bit of strawberry chunks inside. Threw the whole container of yogurt into the ice cream maker and added a little milk to get a thinner texture – about 1/3 of the container full of milk. 

Froyo time!


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