Salad Rolls

Between my dad and I, we couldn’t figure out what to have for dinner on saturday, so in the middle of the 1st period of the Canucks game, I came up with the idea that I wanted to make Vietnamese salad rolls for dinner. They are seriously so fast/ so easy to make. How fast you ask? Managed to make about 6 within the first intermission of the game… so yeup, pretty fast.

Made these a few times before, so I had all the ingredients on hand. All you need are rice paper circles, vermicelli noodles (used some asian one I found, but I think they are the wrong type), shrimp/ other meat, and iceberg salad (if you even want greens in your rolls).

Below is a picture of the noodles I used. The noodles took 3 mins to cook… directions said to just submerge into hot water; found frozen cooked shrimp in the freezer, so just defrosted those; and had a package of ready-to-eat iceberg salad.

The rice paper circles are very brittle when dry, almost like a cracker, so be careful not to destroy them. In order to rehydrate the paper, carefully submerge the whole sheet in a container of hot water and it should soften up very quickly (when its rehydrated, its texture is similar to a wet paper towel). Transfer the softened sheet on to a damp cloth, fill with ingredients, and roll. Done.

On to the dip. Salad rolls just aren’t salad rolls without the dip. The dip consists of two ingredients: peanut butter (yum) and hoisin sauce (asian sauce). I think its just a 1:1 ratio, but its all about preference, so just keep tasting the sauce and add more peanut butter or hoisin sauce till you think it tastes right.

PS – Happy Belated Birthday to Amy K! Sorry I couldn’t make it out to your lunch, but hope you had a great bday!


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  1. Ooh this sounds very simple but prettyfun.


    1. Janine says:

      Yah, they are super simple and fun to make w/ people!


  2. Amy K. says:

    Thx, J9!! I was wondering what happened to you after “Potluck: Round 2”. LOL


    1. Janine says:

      lol! Been busy calling angry people asking for $$. ahhaha And don’t worry, G is more likely to get a call from me than you are!


  3. Amy K. says:

    If you call, I’d say, “no Engrish” and hang up. LOL


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