Potluck: Round 2

Feels like its been a while since I’ve updated this thing, but the schedule has been a little crazy lately.. sorry! I need to catch up on reading my usual blogs too! Haven’t been doing too much in the kitchen lately, so that was another reason adding to the lack of blogging. A couple posts back, I showed you the cookies I brought to a potluck that I had with my friends. Well after that potluck, we decided to do another one with only desserts. Yup, you heard me, dessert for dinner! I’m so excited for this sugar/ chocolate-filled night with girlfriends, girltalk, and probably some games! FUN.

So what am I bringing to this dessert potluck you may ask? Only the fudgiest, chocolateiest brownies ever! (k, well, they aren’t super chocolatey cause they don’t have a chocolate frosting, but still) Cream puffs was the first choice but I wouldn’t have had enough time to finish them, so brownies it was!

The recipe I used is called “Brooke’s Best Bombshell Brownies“, and seriously, the name says it all. These brownies are dynamite. Not that many ingredients, doesn’t take that long, but yields a product that is everything you’d expect from a brownie… moist, chocolately, and fudgey. Even the raw batter is delicious. Though it does contain raw eggs, I did have a little taste before baking it, just cause it smelled so good… Jer ended up taking the spatula and actually cleaning/ licking the whole bowl.

I lined my pan with a piece of parchment paper to ensure that the brownies wouldn’t stick to the pan. An alternative/ more popular method is greasing + flouring the bottom/ sides, but I personally don’t like doing that if I have the option to use parchment. Not much else to say about this recipe, besides how much I love it… Usually don’t make brownies/ chocolate desserts very often b/c of my mom’s chocolate issue, but, I’d definitely recommend these if you ever find yourself in desperation for a chocolate fix.

One thing that I recommend doing after you bake the brownies is to just trim off the perimeter. The perimeter usually turns out a little crunchier compared to the middle since they are touching the sides. The crunchy perimeter pieces actually remind me of biscottis, except not as crunchy… plus cutting the edges allows you to ‘taste-test’ the brownies without actually digging into them.

PS- Check out this cutie who’s supporting the nucks too!

This is Mandy, Chris’ golden girl. Don’t let her cute looks fool you, this girl has attitude and isn’t afraid to show it.

She has her own nucks jersey, but this one that she has on is actually a human one lol Go Nucks!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. amanda says:

    haha im liking this blog. the brownies were super moist :)


    1. Janine says:

      lol That night was fun! Too bad we didn’t get to all the desserts/ Jess being a loser and not showing up.


  2. Clawbster says:

    Mandy is awesome!!!


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