Potluck Treats

Tonight, I’ll be going to a potluck with a few girlfriends, and these are the treats that I’m planning to bring (in addition to drunken gummies =D). The last potluck we had was around Christmas I think, so we were definately overdue for another one.

Remember I mentioned I wanted to make some chicks with attitude in my ‘spring chicks’ post?Well… here they are! I think they actually turned out pretty cute… cuter than the turtles anyways lol I only put brows on 5 of them and kept the others still looking cute.

Also threw in some random heart cookies with different designs. Originally, when I was baking the hearts, I tried to shove lollipop sticks into them… (thought it’d be a genius idea to bring them as a cookie bouquet to the potluck) but they looked really lumpy and weird around the middle and I didn’t want to take a chance and ruining/ wasting the cookies. So I ending up taking the sticks out and baking the cookies normally, but will have to try that again next time. Thinking maybe I didn’t roll the dough thick enough to support a lollipop stick….

Made these three randoms because there were three circles left over from the chicks… ran out of yellow icing and felt too lazy to make more lol

Not sure why, but I love the ‘one brow raised’ look the best lol

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I liked the drunken gummies can’t want to try coke and rum


    1. Janine says:

      lol so funny, you and jo really liked those gummies


  2. Hooray apparently I can comment on your page through my phone now instead of waiting to go on a real comp :)


  3. Jachito says:

    Chickens with attitudes…like like like


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