Turtle, Turtleee

I like turtles, they are so cute. My friend Amanda recently posted a picture of turtles for sale… saran-wrapped, labeled, priced, and everything in the cooler section of some asian food store… nasty, why eat a REAL turtle when you can eat these turtle cookies instead ? =/

I’ve had more time on my hands lately… well… just these past few days, since school ended last week. Summer school starts next week, so just trying to finish stuff up/ do whatever I can this week. I’ve been wanting to make these little guys for a while, even sketched out how they would possibly look for when I did make them.

I really like the shape of this cutter, but think its more cute than realistic. Probably because it was from Daiso… leave it to the japanese to make everything cute. The cutter also came with a penguin and dolphin, which are also super cute… planning on using the penguin for winter cookies… penguins bundled with colorful scarves maybe?

Here they are with just their shells. I flooded the shell with the darker green, then added the lighter contrasting green onto the wet icing. This allows the light green to ‘melt’ right into the base icing.

Came back and flooded the head, arms, and legs. If you look closely, you’ll notice 2 random turtles that look a little different from the rest. Thought the light green looked strange after I flooded the first cookie, so I tried the darker green for the head, arms, and legs, but didn’t really like it. The contrast of the light green is actually not bad because it separates the shell from the rest.

And after the head was dry, I added the eyes. Cute eh? Not sure why the legs/ arms sunk in a little… it happened on all of them.. maybe I didn’t put enough icing in the middle. Then… I decided to get a little too creative and did this…

Just looking at these little guys makes me LOL. hahaha  totally ruined their cuteness cause now they look hilarious and weird. Back in my ‘spring chicks’ post, I said I wanted to make chicks with attitude… well, turns out that turtles with attitude don’t look very good lol Maybe because they are facing sideways and the chicks were facing toward the front? hahah see the one on the top right? I had to add another eye to make it look like he’s turning his head toward the front cause the mouth looked weird if I just left one eye….  my dad thought he looked so messed up lol

I was going to take the liberty of matching each of these guys up with each my friends… but I’d rather not… might get dropkicked or punched… probably by Amanda =P

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    again, so cute! i love the pre-baking sketches..esp the colour scheme for the last one – girly turtle! super happy turtle twins are tanned & non-tanned versions of each other.


    1. Janine says:

      thx. Yeh, I like the girly one too… ‘boy’ colored turtles are too common


  2. These are so adorable, and Im really feeling the shades of green :)
    haha wow shout outs to me eh?


    1. Janine says:

      lol thx. yeh yehhh shout outs to you =P


  3. Farah says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. why didn’t you bring these to the potluck? i love turtles! sooo cute!


    1. Janine says:

      I only made 6 turtle cookies just to try the cutter, so I brought you chicks instead! lol maybe next time you’ll get some turtles


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