Baby Cookies

Today is friday, April 29th… besides the crazy hype about the royal wedding that took place today (which seemed like a crazy fantasy wedding), it was also my first official school-free day.. yup. Had my last exam yesterday… whats up summerrr? =] Spent today relaxing and tending to things that I’ve neglected for the past month… like cleaning and getting a haircut. Also managed to squeeze in a small batch of sugar cookies for a special baby boy whom I’ll hopefully be meeting tomorrow.

My friend Livia gave birth to a baby boy named Ethan a couple months ago. We’ve been trying to set up a get-together ever since Ethan was born, but she’s been extremely busy as she’s got her hands full with two little ones. Got ahold of her a few days ago and we are finally going to meet her new addition tomorrow! Exciting.

The actual colors didn’t show up that great on my camera…the colors are supposed to resemble the Canuck colors… royalish blue and a kelly green… but from this picture it looks way brighter… Just trying to show my support for the team through cookies… =]… I’m sure Ethan will appreciate the ‘Canuck connection’ when he grows up.

This odd one was just a trial… don’t really like how it turned out. I had this bottle of sanding sugar that has been sitting in my cupboard, unopened, for a few months now and I wanted to try it. I waited about an hour before I piped the ‘E’ on, then I sprinkled some sugar over it, thinking that the sugar would only stick to the letter, but I guess the background wasn’t completely dry yet… and it ended up like that.. with it all over. Will have to try again next time.

I bought a set of baby themed cookie cutters around the time Ethan was born, thinking that we would be seeing Livia soon after… so they too have been sitting in my cupboard, unopened and waiting to be used. I love onesie cutter, so cute… it was the whole reason behind buying the set because they didn’t sell the onesie alone. The other cutters from the set are cute too, but this one is just better. The inspiration for this onesie came from one of the baby cookie favor designs from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe. Those guys are so talented, seriously.

And lastly, since the Canucks kinda blew the Predators out of the water yesterday in game 1 of round 2, I felt it was only fitting to represent the green and blue in a sad mini jersey attempt. lol. I made these using the upper half of the onesie cookie; before I baked the onesie, I cut off the bottom ‘underwear’ part. Don’t really like how these turned out because the icing I used was a little too runny, so the numbers didn’t turn out very ‘sharp’… they look blobbish?


*Update* … the aftermath after we left Liv’s house

This cute cookie monster destroyed them lol

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Jachito says:

    Ooooo…looks YUMS!!! Go Canuckleheads go!!!


  2. JESS says:

    WHAT!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMMEEEEEEEE GIMMEGIMMEEE!!!!!


  3. JESS says:

    Please and thank you =D


  4. JESS says:

    I love stealing from babies.


    1. Janine says:

      lol your def not ready to be a mother… I can picture it now… Someone hands your child a cookie, then you snatch it away and shove it in your mouth at lightening speed and pretend nothing happened….


  5. Grace says:

    the onesie is so cute! love the colour scheme anyways, even if your camera doesn’t do it justice. and you already know how i feel about #22 and #33 :)

    i also have a bottle of sanding sugar that’s been sitting in my cupboard, unopened, for a few months now. what a coincidence. at least yours has seen the light :p


    1. Janine says:

      What happened to tennis ball cookies?


  6. Sharon says:

    Love your designs. I can’t figure out how to get the white circles on the onsies. Can you share the secret :)


    1. Janine says:

      Awe, thank you. The small white dots are actually quite easy. First, you’ll need to prepare 2 colors of slightly runny icing (similar to the consistency of honey). Flood the cookie with the base color, and while the base color is still wet, carefully pipe tiny dots of the other color overtop. Since both colors are wet, the dots will flatten and basically ‘melt’ right into the other color. Hope this helps!


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