Spring Chick Cookies

K, I know I’ve been saying I need to study (lol yesterday’s post)… BUT I’ve been staring at these cutters for about a month now (they’ve been just sitting on my table… waiting to be used) and have been trying to brainstorm ideas on how I could use them. Plus, these cutters are awesome because they come in a set of 7 and are a 2-in-1 style, where one side is a plain round, and the other side is fluted round. Not sure when my parents got them from though Apparently these cutters are from the store ‘Ross’ in the states… just came home one day and they were there on my table.

I’ve been wanting to make a batch of decorated sugar cookies for a while now, but haven’t found time/ wasn’t completely decided on what shapes or designs I wanted to do… I think the last time I made decorated cookies was back in January around Jess’s bday… here’s a picture of that batch:

So I decided to follow many other bloggers with the spring/easter themed cookies, and decided to go with chicks because they can be easily piped onto a plain round cookie and its fairly simple/ doesn’t require that many details. The inspiration for these cookies came from Bakerella’s cakepop “Spring Chicks“. haha I really like her version of spring chicks because they so simple, yet super CUTE, so I tried my best to replicate them as closely as possible…. see the resemblance?

K…forgive me for having such a gross background for the cookie… I didn’t realize this plate was SO scratched up till I looked at the pictures on my computer!  

I baked both a batch of larger plain round cookies and a batch of smaller fluted cookies along with one mini fluted cookie, just to test out which sizes I liked the best. I really like fluted cookies, but I feel that when I look at these chick cookies, they remind me of a lion… or even a little turkey… do you see it?… fluted edges resemble a lion’s maine/ turkey feathers?? lol So I guess if I make these again in the future, they’ll have to be the plain round… beauty of trial and error!

Think next time, I will pipe some eyebrows onto a few…. give them some personality lol

8 Comments Add yours

  1. JESS says:

    I WANT ALL OF THEM >=D especially the ones with “personality”. So cute!!!!


    1. Janine says:

      Don’t worry, next batch will be only personality chicks lol they will all look super pissed


  2. Grace says:

    ahhh! these are awesome! when did you make these? so cute :)
    ..nice fluted cookie cutters too. now…onto finding the elusive square/rectangular ones!


    1. Janine says:

      Thanks! Just made these today.. small batch, so didn’t take super long. Yess, the square/ rectangular ones… hah… kinda given up on those for now lol… they are either really $$ or just hard to find. Ps- when you go to the states this wkend, look for this circular plain/fluted set. Parents said they think they got it in the states @ Ross?


  3. Jachito says:

    PERSONALITY!!!! Hehe…they look so yummy…


  4. amanda says:

    these are freakin amazing


  5. Jenn says:

    omg they look so good,I wouldn’t even want to eat them!!!


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